• A new start

    You've made the decision to leave your school or you have already left teaching. It may be because the workload was damaging your health. Perhaps you felt undervalued or unsupported. Or you loved working with young people but have decided to change your career. Or you are retiring after many happy years in the profession.


    Whatever the reason, you are here because you want to make a new start. To use your skills to make a living doing something else.


    But you don't know what. Or you know what, but don't know how. Our 6-month programme will help you with both the what and the how.

  • Three Steps to a New Start

    Take Stock

    Know your strengths.

    Take Charge

    Decide your destination

    Take Action

    Do what it takes to get there

  • Live Well after Teaching Programme

    (Including support staff)

    Take Stock

    • Recognise your strengths
    • Identify the positives
    • Receive support

    Take Charge

    • Know what you know
    • Know what you need to learn
    • Plan for your future

    Take Action

    • Achieve your goals
    • One step at a time
    • Create your new life
  • 'Leaving Teaching: Through the door...' FREE Webinar for Teachers & Support Staff

    (in partnership with the Teach Well Alliance)

    Have you been 'shown the door' by your headteacher?

    Have you made the decision to leave teaching? Or perhaps you have already left?

    Live Well After Teaching (in partnership with the Teach Well Alliance) runs a one-hour webinar on the first Thursday of the month called ‘Leaving Teaching: Through the door…’ where teachers and support staff leaving their schools can share their experiences, support each other and explore options for building a new future. This might be starting a new school or beginning a new career. This webinar is entirely free. Attendees are also invited to join a voluntary closed and secure Basecamp group after the webinar so that they can continue to support one another.

    Scroll down to see how to sign up.

  • Live Well After Teaching Mastermind

    Find out more about the Live Well After Teaching Mastermind: 

    Join us at the 'Leaving Teaching: Through the Door' webinar on the first Thursday of the month at 7pm.


    Registration for the Live Well After Teaching Mastermind opens after the webinar. Priority will be given to those attending the webinar.


    The Live Well After Teaching Mastermind is strictly limited to 8 participants.

    The Live Well After Teaching Mastermind is an exclusive programme for teachers and support staff who have decided to leave teaching and who wish to develop another career. The programme enables you to build on your existing skills and equips you to make decisions about the path you wish to take. It includes a focus on your overall wellbeing, to help you during an important, emotional and potentially life-changing period of your life.

    • 6 month programme: Take Stock. Take Charge. Take Action.
    • Maximum 8 group members to ensure targeted support
    • Pre-course Strengthscope psychometric analysis of your strengths (Strengthscope is endorsed by the British Psychological Society)
    • Pre-course one-to-one coaching session to interpret Strengthscope results
    • One day face-to-face workshop launch in Manchester
    • 4 monthly two-hour webinars via Zoom video conferencing
    • Invitation only membership of Live Well After Teaching Basecamp Project
    • Access to member-only resource library 
    • Membership of Stryv life-planning tool (See www.stryv.io)
    • Review and action planning one day face-to-face workshop to conclude course in Manchester

    Sign up on Eventbrite for the 'Leaving Teaching: Through the Door' free webinar on Thursday, 4th April at 7pm


    Steve Waters: Programme Director

    Founder and CEO: Teach Well Alliance and Live Well After Teaching

    English Teacher with 30 years experience, including as Head of Dept and Assistant Headteacher. 6 years Local Authority school improvement consultant. School Wellbeing and Mental Health Consultant. Mental Health trainer at Shaw Mind Foundation. Workplace Wellness Ambassador (Kelly Consulting). Qualified BAC Counsellor. Mental Health First Aider. Mindfulness Practitioner. Author.


    Go to my LinkedIn profile if you want to find out more about me.



  • An opportunity to use your teaching skills

    While this opportunity has been researched by Live Well After Teaching, you should ensure that it is appropriate for your personal circumstances and that the conditions of your contract meet your expectations

    TalentEd Tutoring


    TalentEd provides high ability students from disadvantaged backgrounds a year long programme that aims to develop the skills they need to help unlock their full potential. Our partner schools identify the needs of their cohort and choose a programme theme of either a) study skills, confidence & aspirations, b) subject specific, or c) study skills & revision. TalentEd tutors then provide individual support to their small group of students, tailoring their sessions to help them reach their potential.


    By providing you with resources and lesson plans whilst removing the arduous tasks of marking and reporting, this is a fantastic opportunity for those who have left teaching but want to remain in education where they can continue to provide inspiring support to the young people who need it most. TalentEd tutors are paid £35 per hour, with sessions running only 1-hour per week for 21 weeks.


    To find out more, please visit www.talent-ed.uk.or click on the image to visit the TalentEd website.

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  • Leaving Teaching?

    The DfE does not collect information on why teachers leave the profession.

    The Teach Well Alliance does.


    Complete the 'Leaving Teaching' survey here:


    The first survey was completed on 3rd March, 2018. There have been 141 responses as of 5th May, 2019. Want to see the results so far? Click on the image of the survey below.

    Responses to the Leaving Teaching survey